LA CASA  -- Casa de Vecinos Rosaleda, Holiday Apartments in Jerez de la Frontera, Andalusia, Spain
LA CASA  -- Casa de Vecinos Rosaleda, Holiday Apartments in Jerez de la Frontera, Andalusia, Spain

La Casa Rosaleda



The house:
Already mentioned 1863 in the registry of the town, our historic townhouse lies in one of the oldest quarters of the town, the Barrio San Mateo- Santiago, within the old city walls.

Originally built as "Casa Burguesa", as representative town house, it was rebuilt later in the change of generations to a "Casa de Vecinos" a so called Neighbourhood House. In this neighborhood house the different families lived in the apartments, that were arranged around the central patio.

The apartments:
Casa de Vecinos  Rosaleda is a newly renovated Neighbourhood House in authentic Andalusian style, with individual apartments. All of them have individual bathroom and a equipped kitchen. You can rent a single apartment, the one you like, or of course, the entire house.

Each apartment is a different size and has its own personality.

Choose your ambiance:
Whether you prefer being asleep in El Azul under a blue sky, or cooking in the well equipped kitchen of 'El Arco' we are sure you will find an appealing apartment. Just check the web site for more .........

The internal court yard and sun terrace: Ideal for relaxing.

The garden has old roses and citrus plants inviting you to sit outdoors in a shaded area.

The perfect location:
Because the house is situated in the historic centre of the town, almost all places of interest are within walking distance. The Andalusian Flamenco Centre, the Archaeological Museum, The Royal School for Equestrian Horse Riding or the oldest bodega of Jerez is only a stone's throw from here.

After visiting a typical flamenco club or a local bar or restaurant for dinner accompanied by a good bottle of fino there will be no need to use a car to get you back to your holiday apartment.

You just have a little walk through the old town and you are back home.